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Being in the IVR voice application development business for more than a decade gives us a perspective unlike any startup. We know how to help you get your IVR and voice applications up and running—on time and within budget.
Voice Touch's team has broad experience with VoiceXML, Nuance, VUI, Biometrics, Avaya, Cisco, NLU/NLP, WebService, Cloud based recognizer like Google Speech API, Microsoft speech and IBM watson.

Voice Touch's team has broad experience with Nuance development framework(NDF). The team has developed and delivered more then twenty projects in NDF. Experience in understand VUI and DID, to implement the IVR project. Implementation of Voice Biometrics, NLU and custom Grammar as per requirement. Solid experience with developing ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) in, Text to Speech and web services to interact with IVR.

  • Nuance development framework(NDF) with VUI and DID
  • NLU and custom Grammar
  • Voice Biometrics

IVR development experience using Avaya Orchestration Designer or Avaya Dialog Designer, Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP). Along with that SQL skills and data analysis skills, Java, Tomcat and Eclipse IDE knowledge. Complete participation in several full life-cycle IVR projects (analyze, design, build, test, implement, tune, support)

  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal development with Orchestration Designer
  • NLU and Web service Integration
  • Grammar, CTI, VUI and DID Experience

Enterprise development and deployment experience, including scripting, configuration and call routing IP -IVR integration design or deployment CVP or AVP application deployment experience with voice gateways. The leader perform the call routing, scripting, design, configuration,and architecture of these applications while working with and interacting with our business clients, project management team, developers, Vendor’s, testers, and release management team.

  • Cisco Voice Portal development with Cisco Call Studio
  • NLU and Web service Integration
  • Grammar, CTI, VUI and DID Experience

In Today's world, cloud service are providing services which were not available a decade ago. Our team has experience with cloud voice platform like Twilio, Nexmo, Amazon Connect. Powerful Speech Recognition from Google, Microsoft and IBM integration available to existing IVR system.

  • Google Speech API and other services
  • Microsoft Speech &
  • IBM Watson Speech & other services
  • Twilio, Nexmo, Amazon Connect

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